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JayJay about Marco

For a 29 year old, Marco is exceptionally talented in both composition and production. His command of Logic Pro, our most important studio tool, is simply awe-inspiring. As well as his ability to quickly and intuitively apply his vast knowledge Ė always in a highly musical and modern way. Whether heís working on a monumental orchestra piece or a touching ballad, every production hits the spot.

While Marco spends his days laboriously working with me on ludicrous ring tone spots or arranging vocals, late at night he morphs into a sound junkie. When he is navigating new acoustic terrain, time becomes obsolete. The best expression of this manic behavior is his project Drone, a self-absorbed in-your-face-audioventure Ė with 120 breaks per minute, itís light years beyond industrial and drumín bass. You have to hear it! All thatís left to say is what a jolly good fellow he is besides!