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Marco about JayJay

What I really like about JayJay is his amazing ability to focus on whats essential. Whatever the situation, hes always completely calm and relaxed. Unless hes sitting at a sampler or a drum machine. Hes always saying to me: "Keep it simple! Boom clap, boom clap" His beats and tracks even get rustiest necks moving which is why Im convinced he has some African-American blood in him somewhere. Or maybe its because in his many years as a club DJ he simply inhaled so much funk. Hes also a trained graphic designer with many years of experience large advertising agencies, so he knows the ropes when it comes to modern music production for commercial use as well and still he always keeps his cool. I have no idea how he pulls that off.
On top of it all, JayJay is also a brilliant lyricist. Have a listen to "Alarm" or "Popstar". He wrote music history when his song "Ficken" was the first German language house track to spin on club turntables. What a dude!